In My Car (1987)
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"Plot" Summary: A pretty straightforward video - Joe, dressed in a T-shirt, shorts, and a red silk housecoat, clowns around in his white limo. He has everything in there from an early car phone to a mannequin head, not to mention a couple guitars of course! He throws a few objects, including guitars, out of the top of his limo. (Wouldn't want to be driving behind him.) He sees a red car he likes and simply MUST have, and tries to grab it, but someone else has it and he can't chase them down. Finally, through persistence and various hijinks including hopping on a bike to go after it, he finally obtains it - off he goes with a satisfied smile!

Then, he wakes up in a dump sitting in the seat of a junked car. It was all a dream. Aw!


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