The Radio Song (1987)
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"Plot" Summary: The video starts with the famous old DJ, "Wolfman Jack," introducing Joe Walsh from a radio station booth. Joe sits behind him in a white shirt with a nice deep V-neck, making faces and imitating the Wolfman when he's not watching, but giving him a big hug when he is.

As the song actually starts, we have shots of Joe as the DJ in the radio booth. Throughout the video, different singers appear next to him at the microphone - an old-fashioned male singer, some Supremes-type singers, even a children's choir... you name it. When Joe's not behind the desk as the DJ, he moves across the foreground of the screen (apparently on some kind of moving sidewalk) with a guitar. Intercut with this are Joe playing a couple "characters" like a drummer with a silly outfit and backwards ball cap.

During the guitar solo, Joe runs out of the radio station, which collapses behind him, and he finds himself in a field with a bunch of searchlights trained on him. In the field, he rocks out with a guitar as the searchlights pan back and forth. (Doesn't really fit the narrative, but it looks cool, so I can understand why they did it.)

There is a Confessor-like moment during the line "but the radio isn't on" where he is lying down, staring upwards, with a mountain range in the distance. The video ends on another searchlight segment as he runs away across the field.


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