James Gang - Garden Gate Lyrics

Garden Gate
written: J. Walsh

I'm sittin' in the middle of a story
Would you like to read my line?
Sippin' on a mornin' glory
Would you like to taste my wine?

Don't forget to tell the sun
If I sleep through the day
See him when the morning comes
Everything's okay

The captain's in the chartroom
Navigatin' on a star
He can't know where we're goin'
'Cause he don't know where we are

Don't you think, I don't know
How to tell the time?
Can't you see, you can't sell me
Somethin' that is mine

You just sit there talkin' and
I'm sure there's nothin' said
Your book is lyin' open and
I don't think much is read

A dog is outside barkin'
At something he can't see
The garden gate is closin'...


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