Joe Walsh - Home Lyrics

written: J. Walsh

You say it's time to go, but you don't want to leave
Foolin' with your keys
I'd like to see the show, but I just don't think it's that easy
Well, if it's everywhere you look, it's easy to see
We'll all be floatin' on a breeze
Bishop takes the rook, looks like the way back is movin' slow

I was playin' out the role of pretender
Tryin' to get it straight in my mind
She said she needed me to defend her
Ain't it nice to wake up and find
Home, home

You say you're sittin' at the bus stop, waitin' at the gate
Got the ticket in your hand
Gettin' kind of hot, it don't seem you got what you paid for
And it isn't worth the fuss, but he's lookin' away
You know he doesn't understand
Not the way you planned out the hand outs
And pay the band

I was standin' in the line with the crazies
Smokin' half and drinkin' the rest
Feelin' fine, kind of a lazy
Hopin' I was passin' the test

Home, home


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