Joe Walsh - Indian Summer Lyrics

Indian Summer
written: J. Walsh

I was taken by surprise by the thunder
Sit and stared out at the rain
Taken back, I was younger
In the vacant lot days
And the fall brought an Indian summer
And plenty of places to play
I can still hear 'em callin'

Far away
I can hear thunder
Far away

Well, the summers are hot and the winter's gettin' cold
Not a lot smarter but another year old
Sometimes I'm still at the fishing hole
And you never needed bait where we used to go
Just a safety-pin hook on a bamboo pole
Take the big ones home, let the little ones go

Far away
I can hear thunder
Walkin' down the alley

And it's not as easy as it used to be
Finding time to let my mind wander
I can still hear 'em calling

Indian summer


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