Joe Walsh - School Days Lyrics

School Days
written: J. Vitale

I drove into my old neighborhood
A dusty field where the school one stood
A quiet street with no drag-racin' cars
A melody with no screamin' guitars
I couldn't find that old sycamore tree
Where my baby wrote that she loved me
They took it down, everything that was good
And nothing's left of my neighborhood

School days, school days
School days, school days

'Round the corner was the soda shack
And just a quarter bought an after-school snack
"We never close" said the neon light
We'd eat at Joe's every Saturday night
All our heroes on the radio
And all nights at the drive-in show
Somehow we lost a piece of paradise
Growin' up is not our own device

School days, school days
School days, school days

We were the leaders of the pack
Stuck together, never holdin' back


Joe Walsh Solo Discography :: Ordinary Average Guy